The inspiration for today's flash fiction story, courtesy of Madison Woods.


It’s the god-damn water!”

    The realisation struck Dante like a slap in the face. Those creatures stumbling around the wilderness had once been human, but the virus had twisted them into murderous monsters. This creek supplied the whole colony’s water, it was the only explanation for how quickly the disease spread.

    There was no time to think about it as inhuman screams cut the air and two of the creatures leapt through the brush, all jagged claws and mangled, bubbling flesh. Hissing and screaming in mindless fury, they sprinted at Dante.

    No time to think.

    Gunshots echoed through the forest.




This is part of a weekly Flash Fiction exercise put forth by Madison Woods, wherein a photo-prompt engages writers in creating a 100-word story based on an image such as the one above. You can read Madison’s story here:


Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment on my story. All feedback is welcome!