The two young women sat in the courtyard below, discussing something-or-other whilst drinking hot drinks from paper cups. They laughed as they took in the sights of the old castle and the courtyard within. Some kind of noise resonated from a small device beside the two friends.

     Music, perhaps? It sounded strange though. Unfamiliar. The device’s noise continued even as everything else faded to silence.

     The women were looking at him.

     They screamed and ran, taking their noisy device with them. But what could he do? He knew he was dead, he could do nothing about his complexion now.

     “Every bloody day,” he muttered to himself.





This is part of a weekly Flash Fiction exercise put forth by Madison Woods, wherein a photo-prompt engages writers in creating a 100-word story based on an image such as the one above. You can find Madison’s blog here:

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