Once again a Friday is upon us, and that means it’s time for some 100-word fiction! Thanks once again go to Madison Woods for lashing together this rag-tag group of wonderful writers and challenging us all to write flash fiction stories based on a single photo prompt.

This week’s prompt gave me an idea straight away and it’s more-or-less unchanged for the final story.

Here’s the prompt:

Madison’s story starts us off (read it here: http://madisonwoods.wordpress.com/flash-fiction/cellar-walls-100-words/) and we all link to our own efforts in the comments section of her story.


Now, here’s my effort for this week…


Is it still out there?” Gina whispered.

     Emilia looked across at her friend in the fading light, her eyes filled with fear. “I don’t know,” she replied shakily.

     Whatever it was that was chasing them, the girls could no longer hear its rasping breath or the creaking of bones in its angular frame as it moved.

     At length, Emilia steeled herself and bent down to look through the hole in the old stone wall. She could see nothing but blackness.

     Then breath rasped and the twitching, bloodshot yellow eye stared back at her.




As always, please feel free to leave any feedback! Thank you for reading.