It’s Friday Fictioneering time again – amazing how quickly it comes around each week – and our gracious host, Madison Woods, has put forth the photo prompt for our 100-word stories this week:

You will find Madison’s story here:

My story this week is only loosely based on the picture and, coming in at 113 words, it’s a little over the limit this week.

As always, please leave any feedback you can as I appreciate your help in the learning process – after all, no writer is ever satisfied with what he/she can write. There is always room for improvement!

Crimson Sunset

Niiko stood atop the hill, her red hair flowing in the breeze. She gazed down at the shadowy forest below, the last remnants of sunlight softly glinting off thousands of leaves.

     You know what’s down there, the devil rasped within.

     She did know.

     But how had they got ahead of her? She’d been so careful to keep the creatures behind her. Facing them again might kill her.

     She had no choice. Her sister’s life depended on it.

     She took a deep breath and allowed the demon’s power to course through her, feeling her grip tighten on the bejewelled sword in her hand.

     One way or another, death would reign in the forest tonight.