Here we are again, that wonderful time of the week where we get to flex our writing muscles, courtesy of Madison Woods.

Madison’s flash fiction site is here:

The photo prompt this week spoke to my fantasy side, so I decided to once again delve back into my own fictional world created for the novel I’m writing (apologies for the shameless plug). Though the actual #FF story has nothing to do with the novel itself, I just decided to have a little play with one of my characters.


Harlan sat by the river, twirling the short blade in one paw as he watched the rising sun’s light dance on the water’s surface. His tail twitched in the breeze, his soft brown-and-black fur rustling like a field of long grass.

     He purred as the fish weaved through the currents beneath the rushing water, the knife between his claws targeting its prey.

     Amber light glinted off the blade as it flashed through the air, cutting into water and fish flesh in the blink of an eye as the rope went taut.

     “One less fish for the dead,” Harlan purred as he pulled in his catch.