Friday is here again and with it comes the Fictioneers!

Once again, thanks go to Madison Woods for setting this whole thing up, and her wonderful addition this week is here:

The photo prompt this week was a rare one, with the story hitting me instantly.

So, without further ado, here’s my story this week:

Shattered Memories

Michael sat alone on the bench, listening to the cars passing on the road above. A melancholy smile played across his lips as he remembered the summers spent here with Sarah. Her midnight blue eyes used to look up at him as she nuzzled her head into his chest. Her smile would light up even the darkest night beneath the old country road.

     It had been two years since she passed, but she would always be alive at this spot.

     The hideous screeching of metal on stone startled Michael as it echoed from the dark tunnel beside the bench, the sparks within illuminating the angular shadow scuttling toward him.