Once again it’s a Friday and Madison Woods has given us this wonderful photo prompt to work from:

Her story is here: http://madisonwoods.wordpress.com/flash-fiction/dynamite/drip-100-words/

And here is my effort this week…

Death Will Be Our Saviour


    The crystal clear droplets soon turned to rubies as my blood mingled with the waters.

    I am dying.

    I go to my brothers and sisters in the Watchtowers, knowing that the world will be left a better place. My blood will wash away the corruption that has spread throughout the roots of this wretched planet.

    The riders will sniff out my life-essence as it cleanses nature, and they will cleanse the rest of the world that I am now dissolving from, floating away on the ether.




    The riders are coming.




As I was reading some of today’s stories, I got a second idea based on the prompt and couldn’t leave it alone. Hopefully y’all won’t mind reading a second story today!

Ebb and Flow

The pool swelled with life, waves tumbling over one another and lapping gently at the edge of the great marble bath.

Asrin, the Spirit of Life watched over the waters, counting the droplets that fell from the Soul Tree. “A productive cycle, this lot,” she remarked with a knowing smile.

Her sister, Nirsa, the Spirit of Death and her literal opposite, stepped up beside her. “Shit,” she cursed, “looks like I’m gonna be busy this generation.”

Nirsa shed her silk shift before securing the dagger’s blade between her teeth and diving into the pool.