This week could have ended with two stories again, like last week. My original idea was another horror piece, another Silent Hill-inspired tale of darkness – being a big fan of the videogames, the barbed wire fence brings with it a completely different imagery than I imagine it would with others!

Anyway, on my way home yesterday, the idea took on a completely new tone and setting. Again I must thank Madison Woods for her wonderful photo prompts, without which this whole idea wouldn’t be here. To that end, here’s her story this week:

As for mine, complete with photo prompt, it’s here:



The rain refreshed him. Rivulets of cooling water ran down his cheeks, shining softly even in the darkening evening.

     His whip of barbed metal, forged in both fire and magic generations ago, was coiled like a jagged snake of blades in his fist, ready to strike.

     The city lay empty before him, traffic lights blinking randomly in the darkness, when the shrieking and howling began. Angular shadows, teeth and claws glistening in the encroaching moonlight, scrambled from rooftops and alleyways.

     The whip sang its metallic deathsong as it uncoiled to the floor.

     He smiled.


     Tonight would be a good night.