In a bit of a new twist this week, the photo prompt Madison gave us is via Mary Shipman. I really struggled getting anything from it, but ended up finding something in the end – something longer than the usual #FridayFictioneers stories I write, coming in at a hefty 191 words! I cut it down from over 200 words but really didn’t want to cut it any further as it wouldn’t tell the story that I wanted to tell.

Anyway, for more excellent stories based on the prompt below, visit Madison’s story.

And once again, another warning that the following story of mine is almost twice the normal 100-word guideline, coming in at 191 words…


    Naomi awoke in the gloom of an unknown house. The windows were boarded up, only a few thin shafts of hazy sunlight dappled the bed she sat upon. The musty smell of damp filled the thick air, mixing with an acrid odour she couldn’t place – and it scared her.

    Boards creaked above, mingling with the unmistakeable sound of heavy footfalls. A metallic scraping joined in the spine-chilling chorus that dragged its way across the ceiling.

    She dashed for the door but the handle rattled uselessly. She shouldered and kicked to no avail.

    She was trapped.

    Gravelly laughter scythed through the house, freezing Naomi’s blood. Where’s it coming from?

    She felt the unnatural presence behind her and lost her breath as blades wrapped around her throat. Fighting the agony, she turned to see her attacker but saw only the barbed whip of blades reaching from the shadows.

    Gritty cackling seemed to come from all around as her strength faded and the blades bit deeper into her neck.

    “Even she-devils can’t hide from me.” The hoarse voice was the last thing she heard as the whip pulled taut, yanking her unlife away.