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The night had been uneventful. Perhaps they had finally learned to fear him, the way it should be.

He stalked the rooftops anyway, watching the humans scuttle about like insects on the street below. Scared shadows darted through circles of light beneath street lamps, knowing their place at the bottom of the food chain.

A lone truck headed toward town, bright headlights preceding its speedy arrival.

 Too speedy.

The ground began to shake, shockwaves causing the buildings to tremble and knock him off balance. Steadying himself, he watched as showers of dirt and concrete spat from the earth behind the speeding truck, concealing some terrible form, its colossal shape lunging in and out of the ground in the ever-expanding storm of debris.

Another explosion of dirt detonated behind the truck, causing the driver to lose control. Tyres squealing, rubber grinding uselessly against uneven ground, it jackknifed.

From the shower of asphalt and earth, a screaming beast emerged. A wyrm, its maw unfolding like toothed wings in an unholy shriek, reared out of the ground. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as the monster arced through the air, its snake-like body a skyscraper in length and girth. With impossible quickness, it crashed through the concrete road, the truck obliterated by the cataclysmic force.

Watching the spectacle unfold below, he grinned. Breaking into a run, then a sprint, he calculated where the wyrm would emerge. Sure enough, it shattered the asphalt below, the violent quake almost obliterating the structures around it.

Pulling the barbed metal whip from his belt, he leapt from the crumbling rooftop.

Aiming for the beast’s gaping maw.
The night was about to get interesting, after all.



Once again, I’d like to apologise for the poor formatting. No matter what I do, WordPress makes a mess of the formatting, creating odd spacing between lines and often completely ignoring indentations and the like.

Hopefully you’ll forgive these issues and just enjoy the story.


This week could have ended with two stories again, like last week. My original idea was another horror piece, another Silent Hill-inspired tale of darkness – being a big fan of the videogames, the barbed wire fence brings with it a completely different imagery than I imagine it would with others!

Anyway, on my way home yesterday, the idea took on a completely new tone and setting. Again I must thank Madison Woods for her wonderful photo prompts, without which this whole idea wouldn’t be here. To that end, here’s her story this week:

As for mine, complete with photo prompt, it’s here:



The rain refreshed him. Rivulets of cooling water ran down his cheeks, shining softly even in the darkening evening.

     His whip of barbed metal, forged in both fire and magic generations ago, was coiled like a jagged snake of blades in his fist, ready to strike.

     The city lay empty before him, traffic lights blinking randomly in the darkness, when the shrieking and howling began. Angular shadows, teeth and claws glistening in the encroaching moonlight, scrambled from rooftops and alleyways.

     The whip sang its metallic deathsong as it uncoiled to the floor.

     He smiled.


     Tonight would be a good night.

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